Open Practice Network

There are many professionals working across different domains exploring new ways of collaborating and developing what they do. In my world, this includes coders running (Private) projects, psycholgists developing the Power Threat Meaning Framework and academics publishing to open journals.

Much of this work goes against the prevailing direction of society. My intention is to build a network of people who are working in compatible ways and can therefore help each other with specific problems, without compromising the open nature of the work.

Principles of Open Practice:

  • Participatory
    • The practice is co-created by those who do it, and those who are intended to use it
  • Compassionate
    • Working with shared distress and difficulty; improving the lot of a community to whom I belong, not changing a group to which I do not belong.
  • Open, shared framework
    • The documentation and framework materials are freely available to all, and can be adapted and altered by anyone
  • Referencing sources
    • Showing and connecting with the work that inspires and guides the practice we develop
  • Pluralist
    • Committed to a working with a wide variety of perspectives
    • Not seeking to be the one true answer in any field
  • Inclusive and accessible
    • Seeking to make the practice available, in terms of performance and benefit, to the widest range of people possible

The first step of this network is to create a directory of practitioners.