Neurodivergent Drumming Circle

The idea

This project is to set up and run a regular group for neurodivergent adults and our allies, who want to make a noise together. The group will be for all skill levels and simply for the joy of playing together. We will run regular sessions where people can bring their own hand percussion (djembe, cajon, bongos, etc...) and where there are some provided for beginners or those who want to try something new.

I've been a drummer for over twenty years, and found it hugely rewarding. When I ran percussion groups with children I found they can be a great way of getting people to open up and express themselves more fully. This is often most true for the shy and the "non-musical" who find that they can enjoy playing with others in their own way. Like many neurdivergent people, I've learnt to hold back and not always be "me". A neurodivergent drumming group is a really fun way for people to explore what playing their own unique rhythm feels like.

Comparable groups run with a small attendance fee, and this could cover room hire costs. We may also charge an additional instrument-hire fee for to cover the maintenance and upkeep of loaner instruments. This would make the group financially self-sustaining after it is set up.

How you can help

What we need to make this happen:

  • Instruments and storage - we'd want to be able to provide a range of loaner percussion instruments; hand drums, claves, etc...
  • A venue that is happy to have us make a loud-ish noise - at least in the winter (we can play outside in the summer).