Divergent Innovation Space

The idea

New approaches to difficult problems need time and space to develop. In large organisations this can be provided in innovation hubs and incubators. However, many people working on new and valuable ideas do so either working for themselves, or for small businesses, and so do not have access to the kind of flexible, creative spaces which provide an ideal ground to develop and test their innovations.

Many marginalised groups - including neurodivergent people - are self-employed. The perspective held by people from such groups is uniquely valuable in brining about innovative approaches which cannot be done with conventional approaches. These kind of innovations can be hard to develop at first, particularly because their value is not obvious to a mainstream audience, by definition. Establishing an innovative approach from an alternative perspective usually requires that it's demonstrated as working before others will begin to support it.

The point of a Divergent Innovation Space is to provide a place which is sufficiently adaptable to support people in developing their ideas and working to their best. Unfortunately, many established co-working spaces and innovation hubs are designed around the needs of neurotypical people, and don't allow for the kind of working practices which many neurodivergent people need (low light, low distraction, unconventional hours, etc...). The support and value-add features offered rarely line up with what we need out of a workplace, either.

The idea is to create a flexible, adaptive space which can be further im proved and adapted by the people using it. This is a feature, not a bug - by solving our own problems we can solve problems for many others. Such a space may be financially supported by self-funded individuals, by businesses who want to send staff there, and by organisations who want to support neurodivergent people in working to their full potential.

How you can help

  • Provide a space which can be used as a pilot project
  • Express interest in using such a service
  • Share your ideas for the design of such a space