Neurospicy Nuance

An ‘all-day’ in-person experience exploring how to do what you want and feel good personally and professionally.

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Date: Tuesday 8th November 2022

Time: 10am - 5pm

Location: Brighton Lanes

Some people find their neurodivergence is a burden, even a curse. Other speak of it like a blessing, even a super-power. For many of us, it’s somewhere in between.

What is it that changes how we experience neurodiversity? Is it the perspective or available support? Maybe its understanding and communicating our needs, and maybe its about being in - or bringing about - an environment of coherence, receptivity, acceptance, presence and appreciation?

This event is an opportunity to explore the nuance of our experiences as neurodivergent people. To explore how it intersects with our personal / professional lives and desires with curiosity and to learn from and with each other, in an environment that is set up to allow alchemy to take place.

What are we doing?

The day is a chance to explore our exceptional talents and our exceptional needs. Figuring out what you need to do something truly exceptional often doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Many of us have never experienced this kind of support, which makes it incredibly difficult to know. And we’ve often encountered well-intentioned attempts that went so badly we learn not to ask for support at all.

Each of us knows what works for us best, but we don’t always know if we’re using the best approaches. Sharing our experiences and what works allows us to develop a clearer idea of what we need to really shine, and in ways that feel meaningful to us.

Unfortunately, we know all too well that it’s not always safe to express your needs and be your full self. We will share experiences and strategies on when and how to disclose needs, and when not to.

To support us through this process, and to give you a structured way of exploring and communicating your needs well after the session is complete, we will be sharing The Manual of Me, and how to create your own Access Rider (find out about more about those here: Access Riders).

Is this for me?

This session is for the people who got by; until they didn’t. For the people who’ve found that the conventional paths offered to them by life just aren’t satisfying. People who have a sense that there’s more to them than others are seeing.

This session is intended for and run by adults with Autism and ADHD. We understand that not everyone can get a diagnosis, however, and welcome those who strongly identify with the conditions.

What really matters, though, is that you come ready to explore the possibility that you can both be yourself and be successful in all that you do.

How does it work?

This isn’t about starting from scratch, and nor is it about how to achieve in conventional ways. It’s about sharing and developing our personal strategies for thriving.

This is a comfortable day that’s as much about conversation and creativity as it is about getting specific stuff done. It’s about being in a group where you’re not just tolerated, but welcomed and celebrated for who you really are. We will be using a range of different practices, both to explore and to support a range of different learning styles.

Attending the event costs £365 - including your own Manual of Me, RRP £88 - and there are ten places available.

Who's facilitating this?

Matthew Bellringer is an innovation consultant, neurodiversity advocate and social entrepreneur. As an Autistic ADHDer they work with individuals and organisations to cultivate and support the exceptional abilities that unconventional people can offer. Their background is in technology, psychology and social innovation, and they use all of those influences to help people establish new ideas, approaches and practices. Matthew specialises in supporting work which addresses deep-rooted, complex problems. They are happiest when playfully exploring possibilities and connecting up unexpected ideas.

Ebonie Alchemy (Allard) is a modern Mystic, a Misfit turned Maven, an Award winning Master Coach, an Author, Artist, Facilitator and Speaker.

Professionally: She’s the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system and ‘This Sacrosanct Life’ Podcast. Using a wide range of both ancient and modern Alchemy practises she facilitates Self Actualisation in self selected weirdos and neurodivergent beings. Her work is specifically focused on empowerment, embodiment & full self expression. She shares her wisdom in online courses, intimate retreats and bespoke 1:1 experiences.

Personally: She's a pussycat slash mermaid - when she’s not working you’ll find her splashing about in the sea, curled up in a sunny spot or off chasing a rainbow.

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