Web Hosting

Pretty much everyone who runs a business can benefit from a web presence. A website provides a place to be found and to share useful information so people can find out more.

There are many, many people selling web services. It's not that they aren't good, it's just that most of them are far more effortful and expensive than many businesses require.

There are two main strategies:

  • Build your own
  • Buy a cloud service

Building your own website most usually means Wordpress. It's a very well-known tool with many features and plugins. However, it's quite a tough tool to learn and requires a significant amount of development. Furthermore, many of the useful plugins require up-front payment.

Buying a cloud service makes things a lot easier to develop and can be quicker to get going. Over time, though, the costs add up. It's a viable strategy for experimentation, but it makes it hard to link things up.

The strategy I'm working on is to build what you need from independent [[|FOSS|jargon.tech.foss]] tools. That means you're not beholden to any one platform and can work as you go. You don't have to go all the way to this strategy to benefit from it and can still integrate other cloud services where appropriate.

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