Project Support

Tailored advice and assistance for technology-enabled, ground-breaking work

Discovering something new isn't easy. I offer flexible support to help you develop and run knowledge-generating, innovative projects and programmes. My focus is on the most uncertain stage of the lifecycle, either getting things established or taking significant changes of direction. I specialise in working in complex fields, particularly those with a significant social or personal aspects.

Some of the areas I cover:

  • Community engagement and inclusion of those with lived experience
  • Co-design and diversity-led innovation
  • Benefitting from social innovation
  • Modelling, validating and communicating complex models
  • Explaining and pitching complex ideas
  • Facilitating and delivering online and blended/hybrid events
  • Agile development of products, techniques and practices
  • Cloud architecture and workflow
  • Digital identity and access control
  • User workflow experience and accessibility
  • Developing effective, achievable content and communications
  • Facilitated idea development and problem-solving

There are few limits to the kinds of organisations I work with. I have worked with businesses, from one-person microbusinesses to large multinationals; with universities and academic departments; with charities and social enterprises. What matters is that the work the organisation wants to undertake is about doing something different, exploring and bettering our understanding of the world.

Please book a call with me to find out more. I'd love to hear about your work!