Appearing on Delightful Dissent

Delightful Dissent is a webinar and podcast series which challenges assumptions. It features people doing innovative and transformative work. By appearing, you can invite the audience to think about things in a new way and showcase your unique perspective.


Delightful Dissent goes out as a weekly live-streamed webinar. It is available as a video and podcast afterwards. Each episode is around an hour long. During that time, you and Matthew will discuss a common assumption, axiom or idiom that you wish to challenge, reinterpret and/or refine. Usually, this will be an idea that’s holding people back. During the show we will explore a better understanding based on your experience, expertise and/or research. Nothing is scripted; the intention is that this is a living conversation. Towards the end of the hour we may also take questions from audience members watching live.


The show is a chance for you to create engaging content for your existing audience, reach a wider audience, and spend an enjoyable hour talking about something that matters to you. It can also be used to promote a relevant product, offer, or similar, or simply to invite a given group to get in touch with you.

The intention behind the show is to share powerful new ideas, promote worthwhile work and support the audience in making their own transformational change. It'll also give you a piece of unique content that you can create clips from for whatever you like. Usually this kind of conversation gives your audience a new perspective on what you do.


The regular audience is made up of people interested in the practice of personal, social and/or organisational transformation. They are either working in the field, as founders, consultants, coaches, therapists, designers or similar, are academics working in related fields, or have a significant personal interest in this work. Delightful Dissent can also help you connect with your existing audience in a different way.


Delightful Dissent is available through YouTube and as a podcast. It's also publicised on LinkedIn. It works best when you reach out to your community as well so we can get as many live viewers asking questions as possible.

About Matthew

Matthew is a Social Innovationist. He helps radical insiders and unorthodox professionals make seriously joyful change. Like much of the audience and most of the guests, Matthew works at the intersection of some unlikely areas. His background includes technology, service development, organisational change, leadership, psychology, consciousness, complexity and mindfulness.

What’s next?

Arrange a time to speak with Matthew (typically 60 minutes) to decide on a topic, come up with a description, and arrange a date/time (typically four weeks or so after this first meeting). Promote the event to your audience ahead of time. Join Matthew online 30 minutes before we go live (currently on YouTube, eventually on LinkedIn too). The live episode lasts for around 60 minutes, after which we can have a brief chat. The recorded file will be available a day or two after the live episode airs, as will the podcast episode. The YouTube video is available immediately on the same link as the live stream.

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